About this blog

D90_topI love photography and especially taking photos of people. I see beauty in everyone and try to capture it through my lens.

This project, which I started on the occasion of my dream trip to Asia, is a way for me to share my encounters with people during my everyday life & travels, and a motivation to take pictures every day.

From time to time I will also use portraits from my archives, as a chance to share some of my older work as well. They will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the title.

I hope you enjoy A Portrait Project!


  1. Mireille Jansma

    I love your photo’s and your blog, Carolina. Thank you so much for making this world a better place, a more humane place, because that is what you do. For me your photo’s are like a journey among friends I didn’t even know I had. You have a great gift and a great heart, thank you so much for your photo’s and your inspiration!

  2. These pictures are humbling and beautiful; with the ‘simple’ act of a taking a portrait a day you have created a medley of connections. Thank you so much for (literally) showing and reminding me that kinship is more than DNA; it is humanity itself. I can only paraphrase what Mireille has said; you are such a generous and gracious person.

  3. Gorkem

    Wow! I am really impressed with this project. For someone who never even thought about doing a project like this, the effort that goes into it can be greatly underestimating. Carrying your camera with you all the YEAR, finding interesting enough portraits to take photos EVERY single day and convincing them, choosing the ones you like, UpLoading……… AND most importantly the photos all look very nice! one thought would be to try some photos in black and white. to portraits it brings such a different feel. Keep it going, I will be checking in every now and then for sure.

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